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The 4 Step Floorily Process

4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Complete Design Consultation Form

Click "Book now" to get started. One of our representatives will contact you through email or number within 48 hours.

Step 3: Select a Floor and Color

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Step 2:  Get professional help selecting the best look

By having a designer visit your home you can avoid wasting thousands of dollars on a poor decesion.

Step 4: Installation

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We Provide Best the Possible Flooring Experience

The Floorily Way is a process we built to ensure the absolute best possible experience for each and every customer. We understand the impact that a great experience has on our business and strive to create an environment in which excellence is both commended and rewarded.


We believe exceptional service starts with communication, so we’ve built touch points at each mile marker to eliminate surprises, even when things aren’t going smoothly. Especially when things aren’t going smoothly.


Starting with our knowledgeable chat rep team that responds to initial customers with a smile, moving on to our customer service team that follows up to answer questions during the sales process, and finishing with our post-project check-in to make sure your project was completed successfully, we guarantee you’ll feel welcomed and valued each and every step of the way.


By the time your project is over, you'll know exactly why The Floorily Way is different, and you'll be glad you do!

Customer Success

What people say

"I spent months slowly learning more about floors on the internet. This was my biggest home purchase so far (I'm renovating my home), and I was nervous. I responded to a facebook ad and got a free design consultation. Sherry was so nice and considerate! She helped me decide on a style and was very knoledgable about flooring. This was a great idea and now that 6 months has passed I'm so glad I didn't make an error."

Luke SmithLuke SmithCEO & Founder odx

"I was very skeptical about buying floors!! My mother bought floors a year and a half ago and they're already warping. I was worried about buying a crappy product and wasting thousands. The designer Floorily sent out, Sherry, was just what I needed for reassurance I was making a smart choice. Very professional! Highly reccomend!"

Irene J. HolmesIrene J. HolmesPublications specialist

"This is a first-class business all the way. I reached out to them to schedule an appointment and got a thank you card in the mail a few days later. Their team came by to give me and estimate and helped explain all the ins and outs of the flooring with no pressure. They followed up to make sure I was having a good experience. I thought that was very professional and I’m glad I went with them. "

Robert T. RempeRobert T. RempeSoftware engineer


HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?We have great prices on everything, but pricing depends on what material you select, the size of your project, and the conditions for installation.

CAN I INSTALL MYSELF?Yes, you can install yourself and one of our Authorized Dealers would be happy to sell you the materials of your choice. However, keep in mind that improper installation can result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, so be sure you know EXACTLY what you are doing.

IS THERE A FlOORILY WARRANTY?Yes! We offer a lifetime residential warranty.

HOW LONG UNTIL SOMEONE REACHES OUT?We will be in contact within 48 hours.

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